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Raising “Free Range” Native Chicken

In many remote areas including Aurora’s rural communities raising native chicken is a fast growing “ backyard” activity either as past time hobby or for profit, due to growing awareness of many people on the use of “chemicals” in raising the “white-feathered” chicken strain, common

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Tomato cuttings for planting during wet season

Traditionally, farmers’ plant tomato transplanted from seedbeds on to the fields only during dry season. This may not be true to some farmers now-a-days, reason, some researchers have found out that, tomato cuttings can be rooted in common black plastic bags of appropriate size and

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By the countryside – Part 1

Housewives growing orchids and other people engage in container gardening of various plants and vegetables in urban communities or backyard hobbyist will find it more easier to grow their favorite plants. Reason, an article published in PCARRD FARMNEWS, says not to throw away coconut water,